Get to know mountain with Shehroze Kashif.


Pakistani mountaineering prodigy

A Passion Born

At the tender age of 11, a spark ignited within a young and curious child. This was the moment that marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Our story’s protagonist, Shehroze Kashif, discovered his love for climbing on a family vacation, where he stumbled upon a local climbing wall. Little did anyone know that this innocent encounter would shape the course of his life in unimaginable ways.

Dreaming Big

Shehroze’s skills grew, and so did his aspirations. He began reading books about famous mountaineers and their exploits on the world’s tallest peaks. His eyes were set on a seemingly insurmountable goal: to become the youngest climber to summit multiple 8000m mountains. Friends and family marveled at his ambition but also expressed concern for the risks involved in such a pursuit.

Training for Greatness

Undeterred by skepticism, Shehroze embarked on a rigorous training regimen. He balanced schoolwork with physical conditioning, high-altitude simulation, and mental preparation. His parents, while nurturing his dreams, also emphasized the importance of safety and the responsibility that comes with such an endeavor.

Who is The Broadboy

At the age of 17, Shehroze took his first steps on a Karakorum giant. The journey was arduous, the conditions unforgiving, but his determination was unshakable. He conquered his first 8000 m Broadpeak 8047 m, earning him the title by his mentor Zaheer Chahudary ” The Broadboy”. Now everyone knows him by this name.

A Journey Continues

Over the next few years,  Shehroze continued to defy expectations. One by one, he conquered 12 of the world’s tallest mountains above 8000 m, each ascent a testament to his unwavering spirit and dedication. His achievements transcended his age, inspiring not only young climbers but adventurers of all generations.

The Legacy Unfolds

Today, Shehroze stands as an icon of determination, resilience, and passion. His journey from a young climber to the youngest person to summit twelve 8000m mountains serves as a testament to the boundless potential that lies within each of us. His legacy continues to inspire, reminding us all that age is no barrier to achieving greatness when fueled by an unyielding spirit.